Landscape Gardening: My Experience Thus Far


Even while I was in Germany, I decided that, when I return home, I would take up a new vocation in landscaping. Well, that desire came true this past March when the team at Tapestry Gardens hired me.

The work I am learning to do is mainly garden work: weeding, pruning and lawn mowing, but I thoroughly enjoy the work: I like working at different places every day of the week, being outside, doing physical work.

Me, gardening on a cold, wet day in March.

Though, being a new gardener has been no walk in the park. It’s probably the most challenging thing I have done aside from going to Europe twice on my own. It’s not the job that’s so challenging; it’s the weather we have been getting in this corner of Canada: Our winter was unusually cold and our spring, cool and wet. I spent almost every day the first month on the job, working in the rain. I’ve learnt very quickly that preparation for weather conditions means dressing appropriately, not just for the job, but for the weather. I happen to get cold quite quickly, so I wear layers of clothing (I still do that to an extent now). Even so, in the cold and pouring rain, I have found myself having to work harder and a little quicker just to keep my body temperature at a healthy level.

The grass has been growing non stop. The rain and cool temperatures have made it lush and beautiful to look at, but a beast to cut. Until I learnt how to properly maintain a lawn mower and cut according to grass length, thickness and moisture level, the lawn mower cut out several times on me. Not to mention, I’ve had to stop numerous times, just to empty the bag and to make sure the blades aren’t clogged.


Despite the challenging conditions our climate has created this year, I wouldn’t trade this job for any other. I would still rather be outdoors than indoors, especially when the sun shines and the air is warm.



Being able to enjoy the scenery around me and to breathe in the fresh, spring air, reminds me of how important the simplest of things are in this life.



I am also learning something new, expanding my skillset in a whole new field.