Other Projects

In my spare time, I enjoy studying and writing about the history of the Crusades.

Crusades and Crusaders: Ever since I saw the film, ‘Kingdom of Heaven’, I have wanted to delve deep into the study of the history of the Crusades. But, since UNBC, the university I attended, didn’t have a program or course specifically on that subject matter, I decided I would conduct my own research on the Crusades. So, in late October 2012, I launched the blog, http://www.crusadesandcrusaders.com, a blog that chronicles the history of the Crusades.

The First Crusade: A Comprehensive Course: Over the past year, I have compiled  content from CrusadesandCrusaders.com into a course designed to be sold online and targeted to anyone who wants to learn more about the First Crusade. It turns out, I still have a little more work to do on this course before I can release it.

God’s Kingdom: ‘God’s Kingdom’ follows the story of Johannes and Wilfred’s adventures in the Holy Land. German baron, Johannes and his adopted son, Wilfred, mortgage their inheritance in Saarburg off to Johannes’s younger brother, Balderic, the Bishop of Cologne which finances their journey to the Holy Land. Their desire is to fight for the Cross and defend God’s Kingdom. They obtain a degree of wealth and favor from King Amalric I of Jerusalem, but the death of Amalric and the ascension of his leprous son, Baldwin IV to the throne ushers in a new era to the Eastern Kingdom. Johannes and Wilfred find themselves in a game of politics that threatens the Kingdom while struggling to defend it against a fiercely determined Salah-ah-Din who has united Islam against the Christian Kingdom.

I initially intended for ‘God’s Kingdom’ to be a script for a television series, but after telling my Italian friend, Angela more about the storyline, Angela suggested I write it as a novel instead.

Now, if only I can find some more spare time to work on my projects in the making…