Hello and welcome to De’s Adventures! My name is Deanna Proach and I wear a number of hats in life: I’m a landscape gardener, writer and Beachbody Coach who’s passionate about medieval history (www.crusadesandcrusaders.com), travelling and photography.

I spent the opening months of 2015 in Italy and the last three months of 2016 in Germany. I reconnected with relatives in Germany and met amazing people during both adventures in Europe.

Since I returned home to Canada from Germany, I have really become passionate about health and fitness, so much, with the encouragement from Nathan Campbell (Beachbodycoach.com fitness coach), I have decided to become a fitness coach. Since landscaping is seasonal, I aspire to travel and teach fitness in the off-months.

Want to connect? You can email me at deannaproach@gmail.com or find me on Instagram @deannaproach. I look forward to hearing from you.