I’ve been home from Germany for almost two months now and after spending lots of time, figuring out what I really want to do for a living, I have decided to pursue a vocation in landscaping with the desire to learn landscape design.


Actually, while I was in Germany, I had decided I wanted to pursue a career in landscaping. But, for a time over the past month, I have wavered somewhat, trying to come up with other ideas for a vocation. In the process, all arrows seemed to point back to landscaping and possibly painting.

Landscaping is hard physical work, so why do I want to do it? That’s one of the reasons I aspire to do it: I enjoy being outdoors, doing work that will enable me to become fit and healthy, two things I am currently striving hard to be. Also, here in Canada, landscapers earn a liveable wage and landscaping encompasses much more than just pulling weeds and mowing lawns. It’s an opportunity to learn more in depth about the nature around me.

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