Munich Walking Tour: In Marienplatz


On Sunday, October 9th, I went on a three-hour walking tour in Munich. Not only was the tour free — organized by Sandeman’s New Europe Tours — I got to learn a lot about Munich’s history. The tour started in Marienplatz (as shown in the picture above) and ended only a few blocks from Marienplatz.

There is so much history that dates back to the Roman Empire, so I am just going to share some of the highlights. The photo above features the Munich Rathaus (city hall) in Marienplatz. This building, with it’s gothic-style architecture, looks as though it was built during the Middle Ages. The interesting thing is; it was actually built between 1867 and 1908 by an architect by the name of Georg von Hauberrisser.






The picture above shows part of St. Mary’s Statue. Warriors surround the statue, fighting valiantly, protecting Mary from beasts that try to attack her.

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