Stuck Outside


While I was in Verden, my relatives still had to work as they could not get anytime off, so during the day, I was alone. I was given a pair of keys to use so I could come and go as I please. Needless to say, I had forgotten to ask my relatives how to use the keys to open the door.

It was a hot and sunny day in the middle of September, 31 degrees with a slight breeze. I had spent quite a bit of time, walking through the city centre, my feet were getting tired and I was sweating like crazy. I was more than ready to return to my home-away-from-home, check my emails and maybe drink a beer. However, much to my greatest dismay, I could not figure out how to open the door. I tried and I tried, but I just could not figure it out. So, I was locked outside for a couple of hours with no books to read, no notepad to write on and no iPad to listen to music. Fortunately there was a small convenient store across the street. I walked over there, exhausted and a little bit frustrated with myself, and bought myself a beer. Then, when I returned to my relatives’ flat, I tried to open my beer. I quickly discovered that it did not have one of those caps that you twist off. But then I remembered what my good friend, Sonja had done one day at the beach back in the summertime: She held the edge of the cap against a rock and then gently, but firmly pounded on it with her fist to open it. So, I did the same. Luckily I was able to get the cap off and enjoy a nice, cool beer.

After I drank the beer, I wandered back over to the store and into the candy aisle where I stood for several minutes, staring at all the cookies, wafers, marshmallows and chocolate, craving something sweet to eat, but heavily debating it (I had made a conscious effort to reduce my sugar intake for a variety of reasons). After conquering my desire for sweets, I made my way back over to my relatives’ flat empty handed.

And, what to my wandering eyes should appear? A cat! This cat (photo above) was gorgeous: he was quite stalky, brown and white and had the greenest eyes I had ever seen on a cat. He walked right up to me and, so I pet him, feeling comforted by his presence.

Soon after that, Janna’s friend, walked by with his dog and saw me sitting outside alone. I waved him over and explained the situation to him. After visiting with him for a few minutes (he couldn’t take his large dog near the cat), he took the keys from me and effortlessly opened the door to my relatives’ flat. I felt a little embarrassed at having been unable to figure out something that was so simple, but thankful I was finally able to get inside and grateful to Janna’s friend for helping me.




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