Owl Wisdom

Yesterday, while on a two-hour hike with my mother and our good friend, Marion, an owl swooped through the trees, wings spread wide, less than ten feet away from us. Marion was the first person who saw the owl. Then, her and my mother looked up and there was the owl, perched high on a tree, looking down on us.

I was simply amazed, I had never seen an owl before in my life. Marion exclaimed how special this was, especially since the owl appeared three days prior to when I am set to fly to Europe. It truly was special moment, but I’d like to think the owl came to watch over all three of us and to foretell wonderful new beginnings for each and everyone of us.

As we neared the car, at the end of our hike, Marion explained that, in First Nations culture, the owl symbolizes wisdom. “You will learn new things and will grow in wisdom on your adventures in Germany,” she explained.

“That’s true,” I responded. The only way to grow as a human is to take risks, do different things, go different places and simply live life to the fullest! That’s where true wisdom comes from.

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